Cloud Native Application Networking

A portfolio of connectivity software offerings that enable the discoverability, consumption, connectivity and real-time observability of Cloud Native microservices. Additionally, these offerings can serve to integrate and bridge Cloud Native applications with legacy monolithic apps.

Our approach

Cloud Native Architecture defines an approach to building, running, and updating applications that utilizes Automation, Containers, Container Orchestration, Dynamic Provisioning, and Microservices. The practical implementation of this approach is complicated. We seek to provide solutions that simplify, accelerate, and de-risk the implementation of Cloud Native applications and frameworks.


A service mesh provides many benefits to Cloud Native applications, including observability, security and load-balancing. However, mesh architectures present operators with several inherent challenges, including lifecycle management, fragmented observability, and the complexity of enabling advanced use-cases, such as canary deployments, customized traffic management and circuit breakers. How can these challenges be met in today's dynamic multi-cluster environments?


Streaming Data Manager

Almost every company has a need for highly available and highly efficient streaming data. To meet this need, more than 80% of Fortune 100 companies use Apache Kafka, for its proven performance, scalability and availability. But since Kafka is not a Cloud Native application (as it predates Kubernetes by several years), many open-sourced operators have been developed to enable Kafka to run on Kubernetes. However, leveraging such operators requires significant expertise, time, and investment to perform the extensive custom configuration needed. How can we help customers simplify and expedite this effort, while maintaining full customizability? And how can the powerful benefits of service mesh architectures be leveraged to provide additional security, observability and flexibility to Kafka deployments?


Cisco is committed to open source and is contributing to several projects across the Cloud Native landscape. Cisco AppNet solutions build upon multiple projects that we’ve open-sourced including:


Bank-Vaults provides a wrapper for the official Vault client with automatic token renewal and built-in Kubernetes support, dynamic database credential provider for Golang database/sql based clients. It has a CLI tool to automatically initialize, unseal, and configure Vault. It also provides a Kubernetes operator for provisioning, and a mutating webhook for injecting secrets. Get started with Bank-Vaults via Github.

logging operator

The Logging operator automates the deployment and configuration of a Kubernetes logging pipeline to collect container and application logs, enrich them with metadata, and transfer them to multiple outlets. This operator helps you bundle logging information with your applications: you can describe the behavior of your application in its charts, the Logging operator does the rest. Get started with the Logging Operator via Github.


Koperator is an operator for managing Apache Kafka on Kubernetes that automates the provisioning, management, and autoscaling of Apache Kafka clusters deployed to K8s. Koperator enables fine grained broker configuration, advanced topic and user management via CRD, and encrypted communications. Find Koperator on Github.


Istio-operator is a Kubernetes operator to deploy and manage Istio resources for a Kubernetes cluster. Istio is built out on multiple components and a rather complex deployment scheme (20+ CRDs). Installing, upgrading and operating these components requires deep understanding of Istio.

The goal of the Istio-operator is to automate and simplify these and enable popular service mesh use cases (multi cluster federation, multiple gateways support, resource reconciliation, etc) by introducing easy higher level abstractions. Istio-operator is available here on Github.

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