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Secure App Cloud Native (CN)

Microservice built applications drive exponential growth in APIs. Cloud-Native applications require APIs risk assessed and managed just like vulnerabilities. SecureApp CN provides comprehensive Container, Kubernetes, Service Mesh, and API security in a single platform.

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Secure App Cloud Native

A single pane of glass for Container, Kubernetes, Service Mesh, & API security.

Security Automation for DevOps

Drive security automation through the dev process, empowering Dev to assess/build security policies from the IDE, Terraform/Gitops tooling, or via CI/CD.

Comprehensive Kubernetes Visibility

Get a comprehensive view of your Kubernetes deployments including images, pods and namespaces. Enforce declarative policies with rich context.

Vulnerability Management

Full life-cycle vulnerability scanning including the build, ship, and CI/CD pipeline. With an open-source scanner you can also detect vulnerabilities during runtime

Configuration Management

Identify misconfigurations across images, containers, clusters, and Kubernetes to prevent the accidental misconfigruations that put your application performance and security at risk

Network Segmentation

Leverage service mesh security capability to protect network communications, multi-cluster communications and secure communications with external resources

Kubernetes Network Encryption

Encrypt internal communication between services in the same cluster and maintain the security level for communication between services in different clusters

API Security

Inventory, and deliver risk classification for internal and external APIs, while automating API remediation within the developer toolset and providing compliance profile creation/verification


Audit your Kubernetes deployment and configuration against CIS and PCI benchmarks to get a detailed list of risk assessment and mitigation


Our approach

Check out a demo of our beta product to see how we are addressing top pain points and solving for the needs of developers, architects and security personas.


Cisco is committed to open source and is contributing to several projects across AI/ML, API security, observability, network automation and more. Secure App Cloud Native has open sourced two innovative components of its product: APIClarity and Kubei.

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APIClarity, a cloud native visibility tool for APIs, utilizes a Service Mesh framework to capture and analyze API traffic, and identify potential risks. Get started with APIClarity today via Github.

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Kubei, a Kubernetes Runtime Vulnerability Scanner. Start measuring your Kubernetes runtime vulnerabilities now with Kubei, available on Github.


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