Cisco’s Launch into Advanced Cloud Service Management

Genevieve Whitby

Genevieve Whitby

Monday, May 16th, 2022

Cisco is introducing three new and innovative free tier products for Cloud Native professionals with a series of LinkedIn Live sessions. In these sessions the experts who helped create these products will tell you about these enterprise-grade application products for multi-cloud and hybrid platforms.

Join us if you are looking for the opportunity to:

  • Strengthen security visibility and assessment across your applications
  • Streamline fault detection and system health
  • Add an end-to-end view of your entire service network in a single application

These tools will give you feature-rich solutions and fast adoption times. And the best part is that you can access a free tier with no credit card required, no time restriction, and nothing to lose!
Join Cisco engineers and product experts at the LinkedIn Live Kick Off event to learn how Calisti, Panoptica, and Telescope can minimise time you spend on security, troubleshooting, and monitoring your cloud native workloads.

Calisti, The Cisco Service Mesh Manager operationalizes the service mesh to bring deep observability, convenient management, and policy-based security to modern container-based applications. Learn from Calisti product experts Sabitha Krishamurthy and Timothy Swanson.
Sign up here for Calisti free tier.

Panoptica, The Cisco Secure Application Cloud provides comprehensive Container, Serverless, API, Service Mesh and Kubernetes Security in a single platform. A single pane of glass for Container, Kubernetes, Service Mesh, & API security. Learn from Panoptica product experts Ariel Shuper and Moriya Ivgi.
Sign up for Panoptica free tier.

Learn about Telescope, The Cisco Cloud Native Application Troubleshooting Tool, from product experts, Nadav Lotan, and Ran Ribenzaft.

Register here for the Kick Off to Cisco’s Cloud Native Product Series on LinkedIn Live to find out more about each solution. Wednesday 18th May, (1000 PDT, 1200 EDT, 1700 BST, 1800 CET)

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