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  • Get “Hands On” with Cloud Native Security

    Panoptica - November 17th

    Barry Yuan

    Ed McNicholas

    Introducing Panoptica - Cisco's comprehensive solution for Container, Serverless, APIs, Service Mesh and Kubernetes security.

    During this session, out team will demonstrate how to:

    • -Deploy the Panoptica Controller into a Kubernetes Cluster.

    • -Build cluster Environments and Runtime Policies.

    • -Evaluate workloads, connections, APIs and events.

  • Learn to Deploy, Manage and Troubleshoot your Service Mesh

    Novermber 9th from 11:00am-12:00pm CT

    Sabitha Krisnamurthy

    Introducing Calisti: An enterprise ready Istio platform for DevOps and SREs that automates lifecycle management and simplifies connectivity, security & observability for microservice based applications.

    During this session, out team will demonstrate how to:

    • -Deploy a service mesh and manage microservice based applications.

    • -Deploy a kafka service and manage it within the same mesh.

    • -Use the same mesh to manage virtual machine-based workloads.

  • Correlate Cloud Native Applications & Infrastructure Performance Directly to Business Impact

    App Dynamics Cloud - November 16th from 11:00am-12:00pm CT

    Manjunath Sunkad

    Wayne Brown

    Built on the foundation that embraces OpenTelemetry standards, Cisco's newest observability tool maximizes business outcomes and customer experiences by optimizing distributed and dynamic cloud native applications at scale. Learn how to gain business insights directly from visibility into cloud apps and infrastructure.

    • -Monitor and troubleshoot workloads running on AWS and Azure.

    • -Manage Kubernetes and isolate container performance issues.

    • -Troubleshoot issues that impact app performance and digital business transactions.

    • -Gain frictionless telemetry with ingestion from any OpenTelemetry data source.

Cloud Native Solutions

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Featuring: Panoptica, Calisti, & AppD cloud


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