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At ET&I, we predict and plan for the challenges of the future. Executing on that ambition takes a rare group of people. We’ve built a cross-disciplinary team, with experts from engineering, UX/UI, and AI/ML.

We look for people who are bold, agile, and creative, with an entrepreneurial mindset. People who like the hard problems best.

How do we foster audacious innovation? We embrace failure. We’re fearless in coming forward with our ideas. And we’re willing to ‘get it wrong’ many times over in our mission to find the next Bold Bets for Cisco.

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Visionaries Wanted

We're creating the next bold bets. We're ambitious. We like what we do. We run fast. The only thing missing, is you.

Rafael Silva
Theresa Tran
Karishma Shah
Sri Aradhyula
Julie O'Brien
Julia Valenti
Lucas Barboza
Jessica Scott
Enzo Fenoglio
Lionel Florit
Joel Obstfeld
John Parello
Hong Liu
Márk Sági-Kazár
Myungjin Lee
Péter Turi
Róbert Fekete
Bálint Molnár
Lajos Vlasics
Flóra Piszker
László Nagy
Pete Rai
Patrik Egyed
Ran Ilany
Nándor Krácser

Visionaries wanted

Do you like the hard problems best? Then we’d love to talk to you.

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